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Bespoke Kitchen Design

Luxury Kitchen Design

Luxury Kitchen Design 

We work exclusively with Cesar to design bespoke kitchens for our client projects. We love the Cesar brand, because their kitchens are, in essence, luxury furniture. And today - where this room plays host to so much more than just 'meal times' - the desire for this space to accommodate more than functional products, is greater than ever.

Cesar believe - as we do - that both function and emotion have their place in the kitchen. It is the most practical room in the home and yet, also the home's beating heart - where all manner of conversation, joy and activity take place. TTLG and Cesar are a wonderful partnership - we share similar values and work ethic - and above all, a passion for designing exquisite, yet functional, liveable kitchens, that are tailored to our individual client's needs and lifestyles. Find out more about how our interior design process works here.


Showroom Models 

We have one beautiful Cesar kitchen on display at our Interior Design Showroom - a bespoke design from the stunning Maxima range - and another in construction, which will include Unit, 50's and Dress Up. The beauty of all of these ranges is their effortless versatility and variety of finishes - allowing us to design truly bespoke kitchens for our client projects.


Trusted Partners

A luxury kitchen is not complete without luxury appliances. We partner with a number of trusted, specialist brands, who are hand-picked by us as they manufacture the very best in high-end kitchen appliances. 


For many years, we've favoured Miele appliances in our kitchen installations, and continue to use and recommend this renowned German brand. With the introduction of kitchen displays at our Interior Design Showroom, we were keen to create new partnerships with luxury brands - V-Zug and Bora.



Swiss super-brand V-Zug has been creating state of the art home appliances since 1913. And what makes their range of luxury appliances all the more appealing, is that they don't compromise on sustainability or environmental aspects - it's all about making your life easier, in a reliable and environmentally friendly way.

Among the V-Zug products on display at our showroom you'll find its most powerful and intelligent oven, the Combair V6000, the culinary revolution that is the CombiSteamer V6000 PowerSteam and the powerful, yet exceptionally quiet AdoraDish V6000 dishwasher.

If you'd like to find out more about the complete range of V-Zug products we have on display, please email us here.

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BORA - More Than Cooking

BORA is revolutionising the kitchen as a living space - with extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences. BORA is synonymous with premium cooking systems and all of their systems are characterised by innovative technology, combined with a strong commitment to design.

Not content to limit their innovations to cooktop extractor systems, BORA is quickly evolving into a specialist in the kitchen as an entire living space, and their latest all-purpose kitchen wonder - the BORA X BO Steam Oven - is living proof of that.

What we love about BORA - aside from their remarkable products - is that their designs blend seamlessly into their surroundings, allowing you to focus on what really matters: spending time with others.

Among the BORA products on display at our showroom, you'll find the X Pure Surface Induction and the Classic 2.0 Cooktop.

Take a look at the different BORA systems below.


BORA Professional 3.0

The ultimate solution for your kitchen: excellent performance, optimum design, even more intuitive operation and 8 extra deep cooktops that can be mixed & matched. The new BORA Professional 3.0 is the future of cooking. Groundbreaking design combines with the highest standards in materials, technology and efficiency.


BORA generally provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on its products. During this period, you can extend the warranty on your BORA system by an extra year, free of charge. To do so, simply visit and enter the registration code displayed on the sticker on your cooktop or cooktop extractor. 

Bora Systems

BORA Classic 2.0

Maximum flexibility and individuality for a tailored home cooking experience. Those were the requirements when the  BORA Classic 2.0 was developed.


The innovative sControl+ control panel, with its smooth hollow, enables precise, intuitive operation. So all functions are now at your fingertips. In standby mode, the control panel is practically invisible and - thanks to its central position - there is maximum space on the cooktop at all times. And there’s more: as usual, you can mix and match cooktops and extractor systems to suit your needs.

Bora Classi 2
X Pure


Pure perfection and maximum style for your kitchen.


The new BORA X Pure boasts an extra-wide cooktop with a distinctive air inlet nozzle. Surface induction allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where you place your pots and pans. 

This highly elegant, minimalist compact system with its innovative sControl touch controls is flush-mounted, very quiet and extremely intuitive.

Pop into our showroom to see the Bora X Pure cooktop on display.


Puristic, streamlined, minimalist design - a true highlight - it will blend in perfectly with your kitchen and can be easily customised, enabling you to add your own personal touch. The air inlet nozzles on the cooktop extractor are available in five shades – rose gold, orange, red, jade or blue.


BORA Pure’s functions will also win you over. The cooktop extractor’s power level, for example, automatically adjusts to the cooking behaviour at any given time. And thanks to the optimum airflow and extremely quiet fan, the cooktop extractor is virtually silent.



The compact dimensions of BORA S Pure mean that it fits into even the tiniest of kitchens, solving all of your space dilemmas. BORA S Pure can also easily be installed into standard kitchen units, opening up a whole new range of kitchen design options.


At 199mm, the low installation height and integrated recirculation unit guarantee maximum storage space for pots and other kitchen utensils in the cupboard below. Even in 60cm deep kitchen units, no drawers need to be shortened in recirculation mode. With its space-saving design, the BORA S Pure functions can be perfectly coordinated and tailored to suit your needs.

BORA Basic

BORA Basic Hyper is an innovative unit comprising a high-performance cooktop and an effective extractor, all in one. 


Key features include the Hyper cooking zone, with radiant heating elements, that enable the performance to be boosted by up to 50 percent when using the power setting. And, thanks to the central operating panel and optimum arrangement of the cooking zones, users can cook with up to 4 pots or pans with diameters of up to 24 centimetres at the same time.

The BORA Basic Hyper is perfect for any kitchen.



BORA introduce odour-free, steam baking to perfection, with their latest, all-purpose kitchen wonder: the BORA X BO steam oven.


It combines several appliances in one, cooks beautifully evenly - while eliminating odours - is easy to use and clean, and boasts a unique design. Thanks to its gentle, uniform steam production, the BORA X BO guarantees perfect cooking results. But what makes the BORA X BO steam oven so special? The real innovation is the steam extraction in the oven area, thanks to the vapour box, which eliminates steam and odours directly when the door is opened.

BORA Multi-Draw

The innovative BORA Multi-Drawer is the perfect way to compliment the BORA X BO flex oven.


The flush, handleless, all black drawer front - made from premium materials such as glass and stainless steel - can be easily opened with a gentle press. The pre-sets and spacious interior make this multi-functional product highly versatile: you can use it to warm crockery, cook at low temperatures, regenerate or defrost food, or simply to keep meals warm.

The BORA Multi-Drawer is a must-have home appliance for your kitchen.

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